Guest from Turkey

by Öykü Turunc

Hi there i’m Öykü Turunç, i am currently practicing medicine at public health departmant at Dokuz Eylül University. My personal interests are health sociology, health care systems, immigrants’ health problems and health inequality. I think that my Germany experiance has been quite constructive for me .

For the time i have been in Germany i met a lot of different cultures and people. In the first three weeks, I received information about working conditions and patient profiles of the Turkish family physicians, psychiatrists and physical therapists who provided services in Germany. Since they are Turks, I also had the opportunity to observe seperately the Turkish and German patients living in Germany. And i had the chance to discuss pros and cons of the differences between Turkey’s and Germany’s health care systems.

The Global Health Summer School organized by IPPNW has enabled me to meet many medical students from different countries. We discussed the health systems, global warming and energy politics in our countries. I think that the economic and social impacts of global warming, if not prevented, and the global mass migrations are closely related to the field of public health. I do not think developing countries such as Turkey are acting according to the severity of this situation. In this time which, developed countries’ dirty industrialization shifting towards to developing countries such as Turkey, it helped me to understand that, the policies and actions on global warming is only required to be not national but the international level.

After a week at summer school, I was in the public health department of Berlin for 3 days. I talked to the people working in adult health, environmental health and hygiene units, and learned about the main elements of the public health system and the prior public health issues of Berlin and the policies applied to them. During the three days I was in the public health department, I participated in patient examinations at the STD outpatient clinic and participated in environmental health inspections with environmental health technicians.

Apart from my educational activities, I had a wonderful time in Berlin for a month, enjoying the common areas, green spaces and parks. I have met and be friends with people from many different cultures and countries around the world.

The fact that Berlin has a life that appeals to many different people, and street art is the thing that attracted me the most. I hope to see Berlin again someday.