Neeraj Sharma from Nepal

My expierence with f&e in Germany

01.12.2015 I am really thankful to IPPNW Germany and Ulla Gorges, the formerprogram coordinator of “Practice and Engage program” for providing mewith the opportunity to participate in the program. The year 2015 iskind of mix type for me, both fear and excitement to the extreme level.After surviving the massive earthquake which killed thousands ofNepalese just 3 months back, the most awaited day of my life arrived.Though I’m much of a traveller within the country but this time itwasn’t similar. Travelling to another nation was my biggest wish but toEuropean land was like my dream.


Sydney Adoli from Kenya

My experience with p&e in Germany

01.12.2015 My stay in Germany was filled with a lot of different experiences from the food to the weather and the people as well as the medical practice itself. I had to get used to always being on the move. I arrived at Lufthansa airport at 8 in the morning with all my electronic and phone off. I could not translate any word in Deutsch and the check in process was a little bit tough and uncomfortable. You really have to have all your papers especially with the immigrants issue. I found the following words very useful on this first day :"entschuldigung, Sprechen sie englisch?" (excuse me do you speak english?).  Simon a medical practical year student in Giessen is the one who picked me from the airport. I was so excited that i asked Simon if we could walk around dragging my heavy suitcase on the hot summer tarmac that my tyres got worn out.