Sally Wambui N'dungu, Kenya

A Report of my Experience in Germany October December 2013

01.12.2013 Monday 9th December 2013 was the day just after my arrival back home from Germany; the place that had been home to me for about 7 weeks. As I walked hurriedly through our very busy streets in the city centre, trying to make it on time to meet a friend; I noticed that indeed I was different. Unlike before, it mattered to me so much to be on time. While the rest crossed the road regardless, I found myself stopping when the passenger lights went red!


01.12.2013 Hello! I am Rana. I am medicine student in Dokuz Eylül Universty in İzmir. I started to fourth year.

Sunday 14 July, I  took the bus from Basel to Freiburg. After one hour I met with Gözde and Anna. Weather was quite cold and every restaurant and market was closed. We went to my flat. Anna gave me her bike and I was so glad.They gave a lot of information about Freiburg, Freiburg Universty and internship. I was determined to go to Freiburg University with Anna the next morning. And then they left. In my flat, there were three other students: Julia, Carmen and Lucie. My flatmates were really friendly and lovely. During the rest of that Sunday I took a little biketour through Freiburg.


01.12.2013 I am really thankful to IPPNW Germany and Ulla Gorges, the program coordinator of “Practice and Engage program ”for providing me with the opportunity to participate in the program, the preparation to which was almost always disturbed by miscommunications and misunderstandings…Sorry for that… Thanks for bearing with me…