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Neeraj Sharma from Nepal

My expierence with f&e in Germany

01.12.2015 I am really thankful to IPPNW Germany and Ulla Gorges, the formerprogram coordinator of “Practice and Engage program” for providing mewith the opportunity to participate in the program. The year 2015 iskind of mix type for me, both fear and excitement to the extreme level.After surviving the massive earthquake which killed thousands ofNepalese just 3 months back, the most awaited day of my life arrived.Though I’m much of a traveller within the country but this time itwasn’t similar. Travelling to another nation was my biggest wish but toEuropean land was like my dream.


01.12.2014 Introduction
Germany with the population of about 80 million people is around 35 times bigger than Macedonia. As you arrive with the plane, you could have a view over the beautiful landscape covered with woodlands, numerous lakes and windmills, combined with great biodiversity. During the walk through the cities (Berlin, Magdeburg) there are still ruins from the old German architecture, but, unfortunatelly, much is destroyed in the world wars. Berlin is famous for its numerous cultural institutions, such as galleries, museums, festivals, nightlife, art and education. 



It began with MPW : Medical Peace Work Course
Just a little over a year ago, I did not know what the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) was. I was actually introduced to it by my friend Mary Iwaret who studies at the Nairobi University with whom we had worked with on various occasions on research projects. She wanted me to help recruit medical students from my university, Kenyatta University to take part in medical peace work projects. This was in December 2013. To be honest then I understood very little about her proposal. However, I spread the word and had about 40 students expressing interest in doing the 7 courses long online medical peace work. I think what made most students want to join was the fact that there was a workshop to be held in April 2014 and the certificates that came along with the course. I don’t think we knew how tasking the courses would be until we had enrolled and started doing the course work.


Sally Wambui N'dungu, Kenya

A Report of my Experience in Germany October December 2013

01.12.2013 Monday 9th December 2013 was the day just after my arrival back home from Germany; the place that had been home to me for about 7 weeks. As I walked hurriedly through our very busy streets in the city centre, trying to make it on time to meet a friend; I noticed that indeed I was different. Unlike before, it mattered to me so much to be on time. While the rest crossed the road regardless, I found myself stopping when the passenger lights went red!


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