Berichte der Gaststudierenden

Guest from Turkey

by Öykü Turunc


Hi there i’m Öykü Turunç, i am currently practising medicine at public health department at Dokuz Eylül University. My personal interests are health sociology, health care systems, immigrants’ health problems and health inequality. I think that my Germany experience has been quite constructive for me. For the time i have been in Germany i met a lot of different cultures and people. In the first three weeks, I received information about working conditions and patient profiles of the Turkish family physicians, psychiatrists and physical therapists who provided services in Germany. Since they are Turks, I also had the opportunity to observe seperatly the Turkish and German patients living in Germany. And i had the chance to discuss pros and cons of the differences between Turkey’s and Germany’s health care systems.


Guest from Kenya

by Ruth Ayango

01.12.2017 “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I was informed about my selection for the 2017 P and E exchange programme amidst so much excitement. I had so many preconceived expectations of Germany as a country hence I was looking forward to experience a different culture and learn as much as possible. And, for sure, my expectations were well surpassed. The programme spanned a total of seven weeks in two cities; Berlin (three weeks) and Mainz (four weeks).


Guest from Nepal

by Roman Dhital

01.12.2017 I cant even imagine how happy and excited i was at that time when i was selected for the Practice and Engage program of this year to go to Germany. For students from country like Nepal, it is a great opportunity to go to one of the developed country and do the internship. It may be easy for the students from Germany or any part of the western world to come Nepal for such exchange program or even for any other purpose but its beyond the imagination for us to go Europe, USA and other developed one and do such internship program there because we have challanges in every step of its processing.


Gast aus der Türkei

von Hilal Çelik

01.12.2016 Hallo an alle!
Ich heiße Hilal Çelik und bin Medizinstudentin im letzten Semester und Ärztin im Praktikum in Izmir. Ich möchte meine Erfahrungen während eines Praktikums in Deutschland, das über die IPPNW vermittelt wurde, mit euch teilen.
Ursprünglich war für dieses Praktikum eine andere Kommilitonin vorgesehen, die großes Interesse und sich frühzeitig beworben hatte, dann aber leider absagen musste. Im Türkischen gibt es das Sprichwort vom „Kismet“ und nun hatte das Kismet mich ausgesucht.
Am 15. Juli, einen Tag nach meinen Prüfungen, bin ich, um mich bei Anne zu bedanken und die Geschäftsstelle der IPPNW und Berlin kennenzulernen, zuerst dorthin gereist.