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Appeal to the medical students all over the world (1987)

Dokumente und Erklärungen

Das Internationales Treffen der IPPNW-Studierenden in Sofia, Bulgarien in Oktober/November 1987 verabschiedete diesen "Appeal to Medical Students all over the World".

"We, the participants in the Second International Meeting "Medical Students for peace" - Sofia ´87 - declare our determination to give all our efforts to the anti-war movement for peace and life on our Planet.

Recently, our knowledge of human organism secrets has been going ahead with the help of the constantly developing scientific and technical revolution in all spheres of life. In the struggle for Life physicians succeeded in overcoming many dangerous deceases and epidemics. However, with the military use of scientific and technical progress, we are very close to the outburst of a new epidemic - the nuclear war - which will lead to the annihilation of mankind, civilization and life on Earth in general. The only possible prophylaxis is the struggle for its prevention.

Peace - cherished by millions of people all over the world - is fragile and needs help and care much more than ever. Now it is threatened by the further loading of nuclear and other weapons. As future representative of the most humanitarian of all the professions, dedicated our life and work to people´s health, we have to understand the evil that would perform the using of even one modern weapon of mass destruction to men and to the external environment.

The Earth seemed small to house the weapons installed for the Earth´s destruction to the war-mongers and they did not hesitate to direct their glances towards Space.

The totality of the arms race requires total struggle against it. Therefore we, the representative of students from all medical schools, appeal to our colleagues all over the world to join the struggle for disarmament for human purposes, for the prosperity of peace and life on Earth.

Let every city with a medical institute be a city free of nuclear weapons! Let cities, zones and states free of nuclear weapons increase in number to the complete elimination of nuclear weapons!"


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