In Germany with IPPNW

Mücadiye Yörük

01.12.2008 It was really strange that i learned something about ippnw, because at first i just talked with my professor on the phone then i researched some about it. Then we met with him and we talked more about ippnw then  i took Ulla’s e-mail adress and i sent e-mail her to be in Germany in this summer with a student exchange program and i want to learn more about ippnw. Then i took an answer from Ulla wich i was waiting for curiously. I was wery happy and i applied to the german embassy quickly for the visa. Several times i went to the embassy but in the end i had my visa and my plane ticket to the Berlin. Then i waited for the day that i would go to Germany but i was wery exited because it was the first time for me to go abroad.

In the end i was at the airport in Berlin and i met with Aylin, who is in the last year of her medicine education. I stayed with her my first and last three days in Germany. First two days we made sightseeing with Aylin and Claudia. And i met with Ulla and other ippnw students in Berlin. One day later i was at the train station with Ulla, she said me very nice goodbye and i was at the train to go to Andernach.

Andernach, Otterndorf and Bielefeld
I’m not sure but as i remember it took 7 hours to go Andernach and Dr. Viola picked me up from the train station. I stayed there with Viola’s family. Her husband is Turkish and sometimes speaking Turkish was wery nice for me. While i was staying there, i was going Koblenz, is a very nice city, to work. I worked there on the AWO, is an office for integration and migrations. It was very strange for me because i saw lots of problems that immigrants have, i had never guessed before. I joined some house visitings for immigrants and i saw what they could do for them. I just worked there one week theni went to north germany.

I stayed and worked with Dr. Gisela in Otterndorf. She is working as a family doctor in her own office. Sometimes we visited her elder patients on their houses. Because lots of them were really old to come to the office for examination. I learned lots of things fromher but first of all i learned, how we can satisfy our patients in an easily way. In addition these days in Germany was wery nice because of the hot weather near the Elbe River.

One week later i went other city again, to Bielefeld. I met there with Anja. She was at the end of her education. I stayed there three weeks in her place. First 2 weeks i worked on the hospital, in the cardiology service. Whie i was working there, i learned a lot about German medical system and sometimes we talked about Turkish and German medical system with other doctors.
After 2 weeks, i worked at the clinic for women against the violence. It was wery good form e because last two years i researched about “sexual assault centre on the world” becauseof my study at university. So we could talk there much about itand itwas very useful for me,i learned really important informations abut it.And we thougt much, whtat could be done against the vilence.
Also this week i joined “street-med”, it is a mobile care for homeless people. And i joined the guided tour at Bethel Center for handicapped people.
In addition i met with Dr. Angelika and Dr. Alper in Bielefeld. I think it was a big luck for me because we talked about really important topics. And now, i know that ihave to learn more and more. Also in Dr.Angelika’s office i could saw some patients, who had psychiatric problems.

Peace Camp in Büchel
After 3 weeks, i went to Büchel with Claudia and Lisa to join the peace camp against nuclear weapons. We could discuss some about the nuclear weapons and nuclear war. However, i could stay there only 3 days because 2 days later i had a ticket to come back Turkey. So, unfortunatelly i couldn’t join the big demonstration against the nuclearweapons.

During these 7 weeks, i learned a lot about ippnw and German medical system. And i was really relax these days that i guessed before i came Germany. Lots of the time i had never felt like a foreigner. Sometimes i was lost or i was wet with bike because of the rain, but it was wery easy to find somewhere, because there was lots of Turkish restaurants to ask something. On the other hand, in other country speaking Turkish and listening their problems was very strange for me.