Exchange student from Serbia

by Marija

I had the great pleasure to be part in the 2023 p&e Clinical Internship and Global Health Summer School organized by the Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin and IPPNW Germany.

My experience began in Belgrade when I had the chance to help organize the German exchange student Annett's stay in Belgrade. Thanks to a great organizing team and everyone involved on all sides this was the perfect introduction to what was going to follow.

Photo of myself during a short break in between scheduled patient follow up in the MS Center outpatient clinic, University Hospital DresdenI applied to do my clinical internship at the Neurology department that is more precisely at the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Center, the University Clinical Center in Dresden. But my journey began at the University Clinic with a rather unusual program. Coincidentally, during the first week of my stay, the School for Young Neurologists organized by the German Neurology Society (DNG) was held and I managed to take part in it! After that very stimulating and interesting week my clinical internship officially started. I was greeted with lots of openness, warmth and motivation. My schedule allowed me to see different parts of the highly specialized and technically advanced center aimed at providing high quality integrated care to persons with MS. The nurses, different therapists, study staff, residents and specialists allowed me to explore and work in different areas of care, teaching and research. This center is really an all-rounder and I felt very welcome to become part of the team for three weeks!

Group photo of the “international participants” on the roof of the venue.The time in Dresden flew and soon it was time for me to continue my journey to beautiful Berlin. The Global Health Conference on the topic "Preparing for permanent crisis? Reshaping global health in the aftermath of Covid-19" offered talks on important questions such as how we can achieve Health for All in the face of multiple global crises, what lessons we can draw from the Covid-19 pandemic and how we can live and strengthen solidarity at the intersection of health, peace and justice. This was the perfect introduction to the Global Health Summer School on the topic "Colliding crises: Global Health between war, security and human rights". This offered all of us a safe space to learn, discuss, gain insights and broaden our horizons together. We spent the whole week growing together and exploring different topics, questions and potential solutions in different formats.

I feel honored and beyond lucky to have been part of this year's p&e exchange program. Special thanks to Rosa, my roommates in Dresden, all summer school participants, the Orga Team and new friends I had the chance to meet. Everyone made this an unforgettable time for me and I am very grateful!