Exchange student from Kosovo

by Rrita

For the Famulator I went to Witten, which compared to other cities of Germany, it was labeled a small city, but after the 4 weeks that I got to spend in it, now has an immense value for me. There, I was hosted by Frauke, who helped me navigate this experience as best as she could and was there to help me with anything that I needed. I not only found an exceptional colleague in her, but also a great friend.

Furthermore I would like to mention the other housemates that I got to live with during those 4 weeks, with whom I connected really well and told them countless of time that "even if I had to pick my housemates out from a book, I couldn't have picked better". By the end of the 4 weeks I had found a home in the small town of Witten.

I finished the famulator in the Evanglisches Krankenhaus Witten: I was part of the Anesthesiology ward for the first two weeks, and General and Abdominal Surgery ward for the last two weeks- in total four weeks. This amount of time was helpful for me to strengthen my practical knowledge. All the doctors, students, and nurses were attentive to me, and really enthusiastic about me learning and practicing new things. They were all exceptionally supportive and willing to share their expertise. I also need to note on their warm hospitability due to which, it had made it easier for me to adapt in this new environment and at the end of my famulator I felt as if I was part of the medical team.

As planned by the IPPNW team, after these 4 weeks, I was to stay in Berlin for another week, in order to participate in the Global Health Summer School 2023. In Berlin, I experienced one of the most intensive and tiring weeks but also, rewarding, enriching, and productive. I am going to use the same words that I used on my last day there, to describe how it felt: it was one of the longest but also shortest weeks I've ever experienced. I learned a lot of crucial information about Global Health; the crisis that it faces now-a-days; and the pros and cons of its governance. Furthermore I got to be part of workshops and other interactive sessions. There we had the chance to acquire new skills and knowledge from guests, who were part of organizations trying to make a difference in the world. Aside from the sessions where we got to breakdown information on this year's topic, we also got to enjoy some activities where we got to wind down and process the new information; and at the same time connect with each-other even more.

All in all, the entire program was packed throughout the week with a lot of different activities. In my opinion, the team did a great job in organizing the sessions in a way that we got to benefit a lot from them without getting overloaded with information. Also another thing that I liked was the hospitality of the orga team and the commitment and attentiveness that they showed, which made the whole experience even easier for us participants, due to getting to share and connect with them too.

I could write a lot more about this venture since I had a lot of fun and it helped me broaden my horizon and cement my knowledge, but hopefully with this feedback I get to convey that I will really cherish it all and hopefully in the future I will get to implement what I learned from it. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks once more to Anne, Laura, Carla, and this year's orga team, for this opportunity and for everything you did along the way to make everything go smoothly! Last, but not least I would like to thank Rexhep, for introducing me to this opportunity and supporting me unwaveringly throughout these 5 weeks and for a lot more months prior to these 5 weeks! I will carry these memories throughout my life and career.