Exchange student from Kenia

by Yvonne

My name is Yvonne Karina. I am a medical student at Moi university, Kenya. I was privileged tobe selected for an exchange programme in Germany which included a six week stay inclusiveof a four week clinical rotation at Kinderatz Practice & Charite hospital and a one week Summer School.

My stay in Germany was a beautuful one to say the very least. The people I interacted with wereso nice and kind. I was actually amazed at the hospitality of the Germans. They made me feelhome away from home. My hosts were very hospitable and caring. I never felt out of place onesingle time. They took care of my needs as if they were their own. I am grateful in so many waysI cannot put it on paper and I remain forever indebted to them and to IPPNW. I enjoyed the sites I visited and was glad to live experiences I only read on paper prior to my visit. The culture was as amazing as the people.

For my clinical experience, it was an eye opening one. I was privileged to intern with Dr. Alexander Rosen at his Kinderarzt practice for half of my rotation. I learnt alot. I was greatlyimpressed by how he did his work of treating patients, the compassion he showed to hispatients and the meticuloussnes with which he did his work. I am really glad I got to see and bepart of that. He indeed motivated me to be a dedicated, disciplined and passionate doctor infuture.

For the other half, I got to intern in the biggest hospital in Europe, Charité virchow klinikum,where I interned at the paediatric emergency. It was yet another very wonderful learningexperience. I got to see and appreciate advanced and better ways of clinical management. I gotto interact with other students and learnt from them and the doctors around. Needless to say, itwas an awesome experience to walk the halls the famous pathologist, Virchow, walked.

My final week involved attending the Summer School, which was perfectly organised. The topicscovered were pretty relatable and made us learn alot. I got to understand Gobal Health betterand what it entailed. The plight of refugees was made aware to us and we got to hear first handwhat the refugees go through for example. It was equally a week of interacting and meeting newpeople. We made friendships that I am really glad happened.

In summary, my stay in Germany was one enjoyable and memorable one. Months on, I have beautiful memories that will last two lifetimes.

In conclusion, I'd like to say a big thank you to the IPPNW community for their concertedefforts to see to it that the P&E was a success. The program serves to expose students to aparticular worldview they'd never experience if they were only hurled in corners of their homecountries. My eyes have been greatly opened to an amazing Global Health perspective and Iintend to use my experience to push the IPPNW Agenda. Thank you.

Yvonne Karina.